Ensure that you have accurate claims data reconciliation

We provide accurate reconciliation of coupon claims data within the Rx claims processing ecosystem.  

Built by Industry

At Full Cycle Rx, we understand that closing the loop for your data is important.  Our comprehensive pharmaceutical coupon data reconciliation solution is critical to allow primary insurance carriers to correctly administer a subscriber companys healthcare benefit plan, and subsequently enable underwriters to offer rates to the subscriber companies that are no longer inflated due to the inaccurate processing of pharmaceutical costs.

Built on Making Data Work for You

We integrate your systems and processes with the Full Cycle Rx solution quickly. This software as a service solution will provide you with the right data to bring data accuracy to the forefront. With transaction transparency now available to primary insurers, avoiding insurance inaccuracy by properly adjudicating claims and administering plan benefits becomes possible.

Built to Unmask Risk and Opportunity

Our next-generation solution leverages your claims data to reconcile pharmaceutical coupon data. Our solution quickly unmasks risk and opportunities once this process occurs. Without insight to this data, insurers risk incorrect and inflated deductible documentation that has a large down steam impact to primary insurer unwitting and subscriber company plan healthcare benefit plan rates.