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Reduce your claims costs.

As the claims payer, we help you incorporate pharmaceutical discount program usage data into your benefits administration.  

The result? Significant cost savings. 


Reduce your claims costs.

As the claims payer, we help you incorporate pharmaceutical discount program usage data into your  benefits administration.  

The result?
Significant cost savings. 

For drug manufacturers, prescription coupons mean big business.

[And by big, we mean billions]


drugs are eligible for coupons in the US

250 Million

coupons were transacted in 2016

$9 Billion

in coupons transacted annually

Every time a transaction includes a coupon, it creates a disconnect, resulting in employee deductibles and out of pocket maximums being met prematurely. This impacts both the fully-insured and self-insured companies, as well as the subscribers themselves.

This communication gap adds billions in health plan administration costs to employers each year.

[Hey, those billions have to come from somewhere]

Each year, there are $9 billion in coupons used in the U.S. from an estimated 250 million transacted Rx coupons.

This money is never incorporated into claims adjudication and benefit administration. With a coupon market that is anticipated to expand 15% annually and eventually cover over half of all brand name prescription drugs on the market, the disconnect will only continue to grow.

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021

By 2021, drug coupon transactions will grow to over $14 billion.

We're here to solve the problem.

[We geek out over reducing big costs and risk of exposure]

Why solve the problem and close the loop?

It’s pretty simple. Closing the loop on coupon processing allows primary insurance carriers to correctly administer a subscriber company’s healthcare benefit plan.

In doing so, it enables underwriters to offer renewal rates that aren’t inflated from inaccurately processing pharmaceutical costs.

How? Innovation.

[Did we mention we’re first-to-market?]

We close the loop through our patent pending software solution that applies matching logic to both point-of-sale pharmacy transaction and front-end insurer/PBM claims data.

Why it matters.

Our software lowers costs, increases efficiencies, reduces risk and exposure, and most importantly reconciles prescription coupon use appropriately.

Who we are

[In short, we’re money-saving superheroes]

We’re an organization dedicated to providing pharmaceutical discount transparency to health plan providers and associated organizations.

Our 60+ years of experience ranges from small start-ups all the way through Fortune 20 corporations.

It’s no wonder we’re trusted by the largest health plans and PBMs in the United States to provide accurate prharmaceutical discount usage data.

Years of combined experience

We’re bright. We’re nimble. And we’re super passionate about what we do.

Save costs

Reduce risk and exposure

Increase efficiency

Ready to unmask your data? We'd love to chat.

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